Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently, my friend arrived here from abroad after he finished his work contract. He brought some stuffs for the family and gave some electronic gadgets like a PSP for his godson.

I visited him last weekend and he showed me some of his Apple gadgets. He has an iPhone 3GS and a Mac computer.

I tried to use his Mac computer installed with Mac OS X. I’m not a Mac user so there are some things about it that I’m not familiar with. One of the differences I noticed was the keyboard.

Since I’m not used to it, executing Mac keyboard shortcuts really takes some practice to become familiar with it. A Mac keyboard is slightly different from what I used in terms of key symbols and key functions. Check out image below.

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

His Mac has a standard one-button mouse only so performing a Right-click like on PC is different on Mac. It’s done by holding the Control key on Mac keyboard then clicking the mouse.

I searched the internet and found some useful links for the Mac keyboard shortcuts. My friend is a newbie Mac user so these are really helpful for him and hopefully for you too. You can read it here and here.

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