Lin Yu Chun on Lopez Tonight

After the Taiwanese Susan Boyle’s Lin Yu Chun performed I Will Always Love You on a reality show hit the web, it became an instant web viral video.

Lin Yu Chun instantly found himself on the tip of popularity around the world and recently, he made his American late night show debut on the Lopez Tonight hosted by George Lopez.

Chun was accompanied by a language translator because he’s not that fluent in English. Lopez asked him about his reaction upon witnessing what happened when his performance instantly became a YouTube hit and Chun said he was amazed and wowed by it.

Lin Yun Chun also revealed on Lopez Tonight the reason why he stopped singing when he was 5 years old and that Susan Boyle inspired him to sing again.

Lopez also asked him about what he thinks about the United States of America so far. Chun responded,

“Everything about food is very, very big.”

Also on this video, Lin Yu Chun sings Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You on Lopez Tonight.

Watch Lin Yu Chun on Lopez Tonight video:

What’s next for him after Lin Yu Chun on Lopez Tonight?

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