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It’s Easter Season once again, let’s celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and for the spring time.

Simple Ways On How To Tie A Necktie

March is graduation month so male newly grads must present themselves well on this special day by wearing a formal attire that’s simply composed of a pair of leather shoes, dark-colored slacks (usually), long-sleeved polo and of course a well-presented necktie.

If you want to feel like the man and confidently face the job interview for your dream job, then better look good on your formal attire with a power tie knot.

The ways to tie a tie differ from easy to complex steps. Before engaging with other tie methods, It’s important to stick with the basics first. This article is about the second easiest and second simplest way for me to tie a tie. This method is called the Half Windsor tie knot. This is one […]

There are lots of ways to tie a tie. Some are simple while others are complicated. It’s important to know the simplest way first before doing the other tie techniques.

My Top 5 Grocery Saving Tips

This past few months, I have been a regular weekly grocery shopper’s assistant to my mother. In our family, only I and my younger brother really drives a car well since my father passed away few years ago. Right now, my brother’s quite busy in his studies because he’s already a graduating Nursing student. Even […]

Real time Paid to Answer Survey, hmmm… I experienced that once back in my college days. My sister’s friend works part-time in a product survey company as a referrer, can’t remember the name of the company though. At that time she needs two more people for a product survey so she invited my sister and […]

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