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Taking online survey is a way to earn money online. It will just take you a few minutes to complete a survey form and earn decent amount from it. A lot of companies pay survey takers for their opinion on their products and services. Our opinion is very important for their companies’ growth and improvement.

Make Money with Questions

When we are young, we tend to ask elders almost about everything. As we grow older, our questions become more and more complex. Learning doesn’t stop when get old. Learning is a life long attribute.

Make Money by File Sharing

Online file storage system are services offered by some websites where you can upload and store your files online, removing your hassle of bringing storage devices and lets your files be accessed wherever you are as long as there is an internet connection.

Paid to Share Photo programs offer its users to earn from their uploaded images based on the number of times the images are viewed by visitors. ShareAPic belongs to this program and it offers its users $0.22 CPM.

Have you tried eating in a newly opened fast food chain or restaurant and then they ask you to fill up a survey form about their food, and customer service? Or have you tried out a newly launched product sold by strolling saleslady on street then also ask you to fill up a survey form […]

Selling your products online generates high earnings because the products are yours. If you’re a merchant, it’s best to set-up your own website to display your merchandise, have your own shopping cart and provide security for your clients.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to earn money online. You make money by selling other companies’ products. It involves 3 main parties here. The Merchant, You as Affiliate and the Client.

Most of us are members of social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc.. We are fond of profile building and customization, setting up a small blog, posting pictures and videos, finding old friends, adding current ones and inviting new friends. It takes up some of our time everyday. Would it be much more […]

Paid Outsourced Services

Are you an I.T. graduate or certified, or a person who knows a lot about computers, web design or programming? Are you a great technical writer or have an eye on graphic designing? Or are you a 3d Modeler/CAD specialist? Freelancers rejoice!

Real time Paid to Answer Survey, hmmm… I experienced that once back in my college days. My sister’s friend works part-time in a product survey company as a referrer, can’t remember the name of the company though. At that time she needs two more people for a product survey so she invited my sister and […]

The Rule of 72 is the fastest way to determine how many years it will take to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY given the annual interest rate. It can also be used to calculate how much interest your money should earn per year if you want to double your money in given amount of years.