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This November, the online payment processor AlertPay announced through its blog their new features and functions made to benefit its members. I think these new features show that AlertPay is getting stronger and stronger, and that their members’ requests and suggestions are really important to them.

AlertPay is an online payment processor just like Paypal. These payment processors offer more secure transactions because you are not revealing your credit card information upon purchasing online. Also if you are an online freelancer, most companies pay their workers using these online payment processors.

iKobo Money Transfer is a quick, easy, safe and affordable way of sending money to your love ones worldwide.

For Filipinos, to withdraw funds from your Paypal Account, you have two (2) options; Withdraw funds to your local Philippine bank account or Transfer funds to your Card. I’ll take the first option because of the fees involved. I always withdraw my Paypal funds to my bank account so I have provided the steps I […]